Sentra SE-R Spec V vs. Ricer G35


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G35 Vs Hater
ok so this kid in the integra has been talking his car up for months now at the meet's in sacramento, Hes been talkin that he will beet my boy Daniel's Infiniti G35 and talking a lot of other crap in the mix. Well we saw him on the freeway heading home from the weksos summer rendezvous meet in santa cruz and this is how it went!!!! ENJOY!!!!!

Ricers gone wild: Ep. 3- G35 OR G6? You decide!
Sorry guys I couldn't help it I know that I said I would stop posting videos like this but this is just insanity everyone's entitled to their opinion on what they think a tuner car should look like but ultimately function should be Key and I respect everyone's wishes but really... going to post a emblem video probably next 2 days showing you how to remove the front and rear badge as well as replacing them and additionally the part numbers race safe!

Ricer gets busted by police - HILARIOUS!
Civic gets busted doing a burnout....FAIL!

The Typical Ricer!
just poking fun at ricers and ourselves.