Duramax pulling a powerstroke and a 28' trailer

Chevy Duramax pulling a ford powerstroke and a 28' trailer. first another powerstroke tried and got stuck. Pulled him out too!

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Duramax pulling F250 and trailer out of mud
My duramax helping a damsel in distress

CDN M135 6x6 pulling out stuck Duramax
Feb.4, 2011 Crazy Darell and Blair narrating the extraction of a truck Rob uses to learn how to ........get stuck. The truck doing the pulling is a 1956 GMC M135 6X6.

Duramax stuck
Buddy drives into ditch and has to get his truck and trailer pulled out. Watch my other vid of the trailer getting pulled out too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt6JAbVwv18

DURAMAX pulling semi up snowy hill, CRAZY
Snow storm in Stl on feb 21,2013