HKS exhaust on '04 G35 Coupe

Start up and revs

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G35 Motordyne Shockwave TDX v2 w ART pipes
Motordyne TDX Exhaust w/ART pipes FOLLOW ME: Instagram: Facebook:

2006 G35 with HKS Hi-Power Full Dual Exhaust
HKS Exhaust test. Stock cats, Injen cold air intake, STILLEN Exhaust headers

G35 HKS Hi Power True Dual Exhaust
Just a random vid of my HKS TD i got installed today. Please excuse how dirty my car is and yes i kno i have those ugly OEM 17's(those are my winter rims:D). Yes i kno my brakes are squeaking lol that will be changed soon. But so far the HKS sounds sick! Definetly felt a power increase. Enjoy!

30ft Flamethrower exhaust!
Video shot at frankensteiners ball in Anoka MN, October 20, 2013. Was a great show, have lots more footage of the show on my channel. Please subscribe and check out my channel to see more :)