Triumph 1963 Tiger Cub Trials 200cc

The Triumph Tiger cub is build, design and modifaid by Kameoka Trial Land for classic events in 2011. It's looks Pre65 traditional style. But some modern parts are installed. I really like this light weight Trial bike.

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Yorkshire Classic pre 65 motorcycle championship trial Litton 23.04.13

Triumph TIGER CUB T20 1511030028 t
《掘出しバイクオークション》 《そのまんま現状オークション》

Triumph Tiger Cub Trials Rebuild Update
Finally got the cub finished and running. My 1962 Triumph Tiger Cub in trials trim. This is the address of the company that made the Exhaust, speak to Steve, he's the man!

Triumph Tiger Cub Trials Bike Startup and Run
For sale on ebay.