Resurect ECU OBD1 in My CRX 88

First check wiring OBD0 to OBD1 P30 ECU by swap B16A2 in CRX 88

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88-91Civic CRX DPFI to OBD1 VTEC Plug n Play Harness
here we have a dpfi to obd1 vtec full plug n play harness. new

88-91 honda civic si ecu
This is 1990 honda civic hatchback si that is sold in california. I bought this for $500 because the previous owner broke the original ecu which is the PM6-L09. Autoshop told him to buy a new ecu PM6 but he didnt know that his car is california vehicle and bought a PM6-A09. California have different ECU for those honda civic si which is the PM6-L09. Dont ask me why but i guess it has something to do with the emission.

*SSR 88-91 Honda Civic/ CRX. 2 point to 4 point wiring harness conversion install referance
For more information please see the following page: Required when swaping on a 88-91 Civic/ CRX "DX" or "LX" Model *Core Required. For D16, B16A, B17A B18, & ZC Swaps.

1990 Honda civic EX obd0-obd1 conversion.
Here is my obd0-obd1 conversion on my 90 Honda civic EX with a b20Vtec swap.