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1200hp Porsche Destroys a Pack of Motorcycles
Watch the Black Horse Racing 1200hp twin turbo Porsche absolutely annihilate a group of motorcycles. I bet these guys were shocked to see a Porsche pull that hard on them! See more of this car: Fan Page: Twitter:

Man destroys boat crashing into wooden post at high speed
Man destroys boat crashing into wooden post at high speed Far from plain sailing! The bizarre moment a man destroys his boat after accidentally smashing into a wooden pole A man has been filmed driving a dinghy at high speed straight across an inlet The dinghy approaches the opposite bank where a man is standing filming Instead of slowing down when it approaches a pole, it maintains its speed The boat drives straight into the pole and gets completely smashed up A man has been filmed driving a boat across an inlet at high speed, before angling it towards the shore and crashing straight into a wooden pole. The footage, filmed in New Zealand, is filmed from the opposite side of the shore. The boat is captured speeding along on the other side of the large body of water. As it gathers speed and gets closer it appears to be making a beeline for the shore. The dinghy maintains it speed and angle towards a large wooden pole sticking out of the water. The driver steers the boat straight into the pole, and the person filming is heard exclaiming just before the impact. The boat hits the pole at high speed, bouncing backwards from the impact. The front of the boat gets completely smashed up, with bits of splintered wood flying everywhere and the driver is flung backwards in his seat.

Destroying Supercars - See supercars like Lamborghini getting smashed with hammers, ferrari's getting crashed and general supercar and expensive car destroying compilation! Shop Discount Code (5%): sub5 *NEW* Style Hats: Caps & Hats: Phone Cases: T-Shirts: Hoodies: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe Now: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit our website: Visit our shop: Find us on Instagram: Find us on Twitter: Find us on Facebook: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Video Credits: How to Destroy Lamborgini Supercar into Scrap Metal in 10min Un pilote crash sa Ferrari F430 d'une façon très bizarre [HD]Destroy A Lamborghini Supercar with Hammers in 5 Mins! Ferrari 456GT crushed by Thailand Customs Maserati Quattroporte Supercar Smashed With Sledgehammers Porsche Crushed Into a Cube: Ferrari Crush: Accident semi remorque porte voiture truck crash car lamborghini Mustang porsche

4g63 Soccer Mom destroys Supra and Mustang drag race
OK ok, so he's a soccer dad, but can we agree it's a minivan? Leon Reitman's 4g63 AWD Eagle Summit turning some heads on a track night back in 2012. Evo 3 16g power. The minivan has been down into the Mid 11's as of summer 2014. Be on the lookout for it in 2015. - Drag Race Videos Spectator Drag Race Videos, Import Drag racing, Muscle car drag racing, street racing, how to's, parts reviews, turbo, all motor, Nitrous, supercharged. New England DSM New England Dragway. 6/27/12 - Epping, NH