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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII (Evo 8) Misfire Easy Repair PART 1
How to remove/rebuild the factory ignition coil packs with what is often referred to as a boot kit. Engines that run fine under cruising/normal conditions will start to misfire under heavy acceleration due to the physics of the thicker air/fuel mixture under Boost creating a higher electrical resistance to the spark. This higher resistance can result in a short circuit where voltage leaks around the coil boots and results in lost power and mileage. Rather than spending $100's on new coilspacks, often all that is needed is to replace the boots on the coils which are around $10-15 at Napa or other auto parts store (not everyone knows what boot kits are and dealers won't sell them because they want more of your money). Sorry for the poor video quality, if there is enough interest I'll make a better followup PART 2 that will go into more detail.

2003 MITSUBISHI EVO LANCER 8, GT3582 turbo, METH/WATER INJECTION, AEM STAND ALONE COMPUTER, WIDE BAND AIR/FUEL, A/M FMIC, Precision Inj, 500HP+, turbo Header, 3" Exhaust, turbo timer, Boost controller, Clutch,

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