GoPro HD: - Cadillac CTS-VR at Mosport

First time driving the Cadillac. I really liked it, it has a nice neutral feel to it. I don't know how, but the top guys are about 3 seconds faster than me. I don't have a clue how they are going that fast. Maybe with more practice I can get faster.....

More Videos... - Ford GT at Brands Hatch
Fun track, has a nice flow to it. My setup wasn't quite right. I was getting a lot of understeer. I also got put with the super fast guys and I couldn't keep up with their pace. Started 7th finished 5th. The race wasn't too exciting after the first 4 laps. :) So I threw in my fast lap for the session. PRO Road Racing Series: Lap 1 Insanity
Driver: Ryan Murray Gained 18 positions from the start of the race through the completion of Lap 1. Lots of wrecks, and lots of wreck avoidance. Should've backed off after the Kemmel Straight through Les Combes, got by two cars out of stupid panic. Not a realistic or advisable choice. Sponsor: OBUTTO GAMING COCKPITS

GoPro HD - - Ford GT at Mid-Ohio
The 2 extra monitors don't show up because the FOV of the GoPro camera isn't wide enough. I might do a couple videos using a mixture of the GoPro and my old camera angle to get all the monitors in the video. Race was great until about lap 12 when I went too fast into the turn and hit first place and then came back across the track and hit third place. I felt really bad because the race was going to well. That corner was given me problems all through practice too. I just couldn't get a good reference for braking and then I couldn't feel when my tires locked up. Sorry to the guys I wrecked if you are watching. Hope the next race goes better. System specs. Intel E8400 VisionTek 6870 Eyefinity 6 Edition 4GB RAM Dell P2310h Monitors 23" Logitech G27 w/chilcoke adapter + MOMO Mod 78 Frex Shift+ iRaceDash for iPhone 4.

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