GoPro HD: - Cadillac CTS-VR at Mosport

First time driving the Cadillac. I really liked it, it has a nice neutral feel to it. I don't know how, but the top guys are about 3 seconds faster than me. I don't have a clue how they are going that fast. Maybe with more practice I can get faster.....

More Videos... - Ford GT at Brands Hatch
Fun track, has a nice flow to it. My setup wasn't quite right. I was getting a lot of understeer. I also got put with the super fast guys and I couldn't keep up with their pace. Started 7th finished 5th. The race wasn't too exciting after the first 4 laps. :) So I threw in my fast lap for the session.

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GoPro HD - - MX5 at Jefferson CW
First race in about 6 months and I did horrible :D Race did not start off to my advantage and I didn't have the speed to catch back up to the field. Nice to be back to sim racing though.