Syclone: Race on Regular Asfalt

Emmaboda Race way: Sweden 2008 Best ET 9.18 Best speed 157.5 mph

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Fast AWD street truck

Street driving awd 1000hp+ AWD truck Syclone
A film witout meaning, but fun never the less Smiley grin this 8 sec Syclone is a Wolf in disguise rolling around town like a farmtuck lurkingfor pray.. its still race setup chassie to stiff for the 19" low profile street tires =)

Mr Syclones 8 Second Syclone
The worlds fastest SYCLONE! Robert MrSyclones 8 second Syclone

Streetcar 1300 hp+ AWD
Took a spin in central Gothenburg just before Christmas for us here in Europe. Yes you can use it like a streetcar! I did a test in the end of the film, it went from 0-120mph in just seconds. Impossible to get a grip with street tires and cold conditions. But it´s fun! Now the car is gonna sleep until mars. Merry Christmas from Mr. Syclone