Syclone: Race on Regular Asfalt

Emmaboda Race way: Sweden 2008 Best ET 9.18 Best speed 157.5 mph

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Street driving awd 1000hp+ AWD truck Syclone
A film witout meaning, but fun never the less Smiley grin this 8 sec Syclone is a Wolf in disguise rolling around town like a farmtuck lurkingfor pray.. its still race setup chassie to stiff for the 19" low profile street tires =)

Fast AWD street truck

Robert Pothorcki's Syclone World Record (8.76 at 161 MPH)
Precision turbo Boosted Robert Pothorcki, AKA "Mr Syclone", goes 8.76 at 161MPH to set the Syclone World Record during a test and tune weekend at Kjula Raceway!

Streetcar 1300 hp+ AWD
Took a spin in central Gothenburg just before Christmas for us here in Europe. Yes you can use it like a streetcar! I did a test in the end of the film, it went from 0-120mph in just seconds. Impossible to get a grip with street tires and cold conditions. But it´s fun! Now the car is gonna sleep until mars. Merry Christmas from Mr. Syclone