Acura NSX Supercharged Dyno Flames!

Acura NSX Supercharged Dyno Flames!

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1992 Acura NSX Dyno
A 1992 Acura NSW equipped with a catless Exhaust system on our Dynojet.

NSX Lovefab Turbo Dyno
Took my 1998 Acura NSX with Lovefab turbo setup up to Balanced Performance to clean up the original tune from 2.5 years ago. I'm also spraying the water/meth a little differently now as well. Dyno is a Dynojet. turbo is a billet Precision 6062 journal bearing...probably outdated now. Air to water Intercooler equipped, that is why you see the fans blowing in front...on the air to water heat exchanger. Boost runs mid to high 8lb range but at spool up the AEM Tru Boost can't stop it from spiking to 12lbs temporarily. Air fuel ratio is in the mid elevens with the water/meth, so the tune should be pretty safe.

Supercharged NSX following 600 hp Lovefab NSX
Please comment, rate, and subscribe! My Facebook Page - Blog -​m/ DT records a cruise between a Supercharged NSX and a Lovefab NSX with 600 horsepower to the rear wheels. These cars are rockets! There were about 17 cars in this cruise, including a Ferrari Testarossa, Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, Ferrari 355, Ferrari 308, Lotus Elise, among others.

600 whp Lovefab NSX extremely fast!
DtRockstar1 records footage from onboard a 600 wheel horsepower Acura NSX fabricated by Lovefab. This is by far the fastest car I have ever been in. You'll hear how loud this car is from the GoPro next to the Exhaust. You'll also hear the turbo spooling, which sounds exactly like a jet turbine firing up! Facebook - Blog -​m/ Twitter:!/DtRockstar1 Razzi: