HOUTEX RYDERS during and after tha DUB SHOW 2010

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Killswitch-Car Show 2010
HTR/SSC= Certified Neck Breakers...check out the pictures from killswitch on Houtex Myspace.

LEAVING SEMA (25 min of action!)
If you are into cars or trucks, then youll probably enjoy this video of all the cars leaving the 2011 SEMA Show. 25 minutes worth of footage! There's a couple burnouts in there too! We stood out in the rain for over an hour to capture this footage, so that's why it can be shaky at times.

Dub Show Tour 2011 Houston Tx
FACEBOOK.COM/DURTYFILMZ ........ Texas Hot Moms and Texas Hotties, Low G, Lucky Luciano, Baby Bash, Flatline, Throwed Off Mex, Southside Customs, Hou Tex Ryders and Durty Filmz @ The Dub Car Show 2011 in H Town .....

2010 DUB Show Tour Anaheim CA.
Pictures from the 2010 DUB Show Tour in Anaheim CA.