400hp Grand Prix idle

Not all high horsepower 3800s have to be loud. This 340whp setup runs a stock Exhaust, stock manifolds, an engine that hasn't been cracked open, gets 28mpg on the expressway and even has luxuries like navigation and bluetooth. Whether you want loud and ostentatious or quiet and subdued we can get your 3800 set up.

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V6 Grand Prix 3800 Turbo
Grand Prix v6 3800 turbo bullseye

World record 8.65 FWD 3800 GP
Front wheel drive Pontiac Grand Prix built by Stattama.com and ZZPerformance.com runs 8.65

Grand Prix GTP with Halos, LED Brake Lights and Signal Mirrors
http://GrandPrixCCFL.com This is a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP with brand new JDM black housing projector one piece headlights with halos. I've replaced the provided halogen bulbs with 6000k HIDs. This car also has the JDM smoke hosing LED tail lights and Muth signal mirrors. The video shows what the lights look like at night as well as during the day. Leave your comments below!

Ebay Turbo Grand Prix GT
02 Grand Prix turbo. I am using the following ebay parts: turbo, wastegate; BOV; Oil feed and return system ; turbo blanket. I am using Hp tuners. I am 880ft above sea level.