The Big Monster

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LeTourneau L-1850 Loader in Australia (L-1850)
LeTourneau L-1850 loader has established new standards for reliability and productivity. One of the most popular in LeTourneau's lineup, the L-1850 loader is offered with an operating payload capacity of 100,000 lbs. (45,360 kg) and a 33 yd³ (25.23m³) bucket as standard equipment. The LeTourneau L-1850 loader is designed to center-load most haul trucks with payload ratings of 190 to 320 tons (172-290 m. tons). This LeTourneau L-1850 loader was filmed in Hunter Valley, Australia. Werewolf Graphics:

Dumper accidents
Dumper accidents "Shit happens"

Cat Trucks on a slippery slope
Music by The Billy Bell Band

Mina Piedras Verdes, Maniobra subiendo un D10R a un 789C
D10R averiado de una oruga...