4x4 in the snow.MOV

08 Colorado Z71 doing some wheelin in the snow after the Chicago Blizzard of 2011

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4x4 in snow
4x4 in snow

Z71 G80 in action
losing traction at cleghorn power line hill 3-27-11

F150 in the Snow
Having some fun after first major snow storm in South Lake Tahoe. 6" procomp lift with coilovers. 37x13.5-17 dick cepek fun country 2's. Video of where I cut the inner fender to fit 37's with a 6" lift: http://s290.photobucket.com/albums/ll252/biigg50/?action=view¤t=ee111 123.mp4 Also, dick cepek tires run small for a 37 so you may have trouble fitting something like a toyo MT which run large

My f250 pulls school bus out of ditch
rear tires caught edge of the road and slid into a ditch, our tow trucks were getting stuck just trying to get to the bus, so here i come with my truck and pull it right out. This was the day after 2011 snow Blizzard one of many vehicles i pulled out but this one was the only one worth posting enjoy :)