Bad CrossFit Gym Etiquette

Tommy, Juggins, and Jon Boy of CrossFit Oahu take us through some skits of bad crossfit etiquette and the things that make us say "What is going on here?"

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CrossFit - The good, the bad and the ugly.
CrossFit bashing is pretty easy (and fun in some cases), however many have asked my opinion on it. So, here ya go! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Fitocracy: MyFitnessPal: Citadel Nutrition: Forged Iron Training:

People Try CrossFit For The First Time
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Gym Etiquette Don't Be "That Guy"
There are some things you should know starting out…. Like in any social sphere there are some rules (dos and don’ts) that apply to the gym setting. To keep your coaches and other athletes happy here are some things you should know and apply to your life! Rule 1: Put. Your. Stuff. Away. This may seem pretty common sense but you would be surprised at how many people don’t do this! If you get it out, you put it away. There are some gyms that will make you do burpees or some other torturous punishment for equipment that is left out, so you really should take this one seriously. ;) Rule 2: Don’t drop the barbell when you’re stripping the plates. Please remove the weights property rather than just throwing them around or dropping them. When removing the weights: remove clamp, lift barbel and gently slide weights off one side, then lift the barbell to vertical to gently slide the plates off of the other side, pull bar straight up out of plates and put away. Rule 3: Avoid dropping the weights if you can Don’t drop the weights with every movement!! Yes their are times when it is totally ok to drop that barbell, but there is no reason that you have to throw the weights down with every deadlift or snatch. Yes there is something invigorating about hearing the weights hit the floor, but remember this equipment is EXPENSIVE, don't throw it around just because! Reserve these moments for very heavy lifts or when bailing on your bar. This is especially important if you have 10lb or 15lb plates on- dropping the bar may cause these to crack. Rule 4: If you’ve sweated on the equipment, bled on the equipment or cried on the equipment, wipe it down. Think about the next class. You wouldn't want to work with their sweaty equipment, and trust me, they don't want to work with yours! This may seem like another no brainer, but unfortunately this is not a standard for many people. Get in the habit of wiping down the equipment that you use as well as the sweat or chalk that may be on the floor around you. This includes, barbells, med balls, abmats, or anything else that you use. Don't make your coach clean up your bodily fluids. 5: Cheering for the “last man standing” in a workout. We’ve all been there, it's not fun being the last one standing in a work out. Show your support by cheering on other athletes once you have completed your workout. You may want to get your gear cleaned up and get on your way, but it really is worth taking a few extra moment to show your support. You will make their day a whole lot better and your own as well. Plus when everyone helps to clean up after a workout it’s done in no time. Rule 6: Keeping your gear out of the way. Space is limited, so please be mindful of the working space in the gym and tuck your belongings out of the way. Bags should be stowed off the training floor if at all possible. Rule 7: Don’t be late Come to class on time or a few minutes early. This is mostly for you, you don't want to miss your warm up and you don't want to distract others for their warm up. Rule 8: Check in/Sign up for class If your gym allows you to sign in before class- do it! This will help your coaches to prepare and plan because they will know how many people to expect. Rule 9: Introduce yourself to newcomers. Most Gyms become like a family. There is something about suffering and succeeding with people that binds you together quickly. Don’t me click-ish. When there is a new face be sure to say hello, give them any helpful tips and definitely encourage them in their workout!

CrossFit - The Butt Test
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