SCCA ITE Mazda RX-7 2nd Gen FC3S Road Racing

Highlights from the January 19-20th, 2008 SCCA Snow Bird Double Regional at MSR Houston.

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Mazda RX7 SCCA Runoffs 2003
First two laps of my second runoffs. I finished just barely in the top half of the pack in my second go at the runoffs. Tons of fun!

SCCA Circuit of the Americas 2013 EP E-Production Mazda RX-7 #76 U.S. Majors Tour CoTA
SCCA U.S. Majors Tour and BFGoodrich Super Tour Circuit of the Americas CoTA Group 2 Sunday Race March 10, 2013 E-Production Mazda RX-7 #76. Race start and last lap.

Mazda Rx7 with Rx8 Engine
Mazda Rx7 Series 1 with Rx8 engine.

11,000RPM 20B Triple Rotary RX7 Track Car - FC3S Series 5 - Peripheral Port
20B Rotor powered FC.... Crazy sound. 11,000 RPM rev limited, peripheral port, capable of 12,500 RPM+ however was detuned for engine longevity to have a 11,000 RPM rev limit.