1978 Y88 4speed 032.mov

My 1978 Trans Am .. 4 speed Y88 completed...

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1978 y88 Gold Special Edition Trans Am 20K W72, 4spd, WS6 Survivor
Survivor 1978 Special Edition Documented Y88, Like new 20K miles

1978 trans am y88 special edition part 3 for sale on ebay
here is part 3 of my 1978 trans am for sale on ebay 59,000 miles

1978 Trans Am Y88 Dyno
This is our 1978 Trans Am Y88 455 on the Dyno. The numbers produced on this engine are before our rebuild. horsepower -338, Torque -448, Top Speed -127. Stay tuned for the numbers after the rebuild.

Canadian Y88 Trans Am
This video was filmed at 12:30 PM, Tuesday October 29th, 2013 at Abbotsford, BC. It is a 1978 Trans Am Special "Y88" Edition.