Lancia 037 Stradale

During the "Vernasca Silver Flag 2011" hillclimb race I met the owner of this fabulous Lancia 037 stradale. He came directly from England with his car! We had a pleasant chat, the video shows the car leaving the parking and some pictures, including the fantastic engine. The car is very lightweight and you can clearly see the tubular frame which forms the structure of the Lancia. Fabulous car! Durante la gara in salita "Vernasca Silver Flag 2011" ho conosciuto il proprietario di questa favolosa 037 Stradale. E' venuto direttamente dall'Inghilterra con quest'auto. Abbiamo fatto una piacevole chiacchierata, nel video si vede l'auto in partenza ed alcune foto, tra cui il fantastico motore. L'auto è davvero leggerissima e di vede chiaramente il telaio tubolare che forma la struttura dell'auto. Auto favolosa!

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Lancia Rally 037 stradale + 037 Gr.B + 037 4WD-H
Website: Facebook: Google+: Incredible edition for the 2014 Vernasca Silver Flag that has seen the glorious brand Lancia the main protagonist of this wonderful event. Among the many cars present couldn't miss the 037 model and in this short video you can see the entire evolution , from the rare road version passing through the glorious Group B and the last evolution, only experimental and fitted with front wheel drive provided from an independent power supply. In this way, the car takes the initials of 4wd-H or hybrid. Incredibile edizione 2014 per la Vernasca Silver flag che ha visto il glorioso marchio Lancia il principale protagonista di questa splendida manifestazione. Fra le tante vetture presenti non potevano mancare le 037 ed in questo breve video potete vedere l'evoluzione del modello, dalla rara versione stradale passando alla gloriosa Gruppo B ed infine l'ultima evoluzione, solo sperimentale e dotata di trazione integrale fornita all'anteriore da un'unità elettrica indipendente. In questa maniera l'auto prende la sigla di 4wd-H ovvero ibrida. #037 #stradale #lancia #lancia037 #grb #bgroup #lanciarally #vernasca #hillclimb Event / Manifestazione: Vernsca Silver Flag When / Quando: 21/06/2014 Where / Dove: Castell'Arquato-Vernasca (Pc) - Italy

Lancia 037 Group B Represents Last Era of Racing Romance
Imagine yourself in Lancia’s position in the early 1980s. Your Stratos has recently won three consecutive World Rally Championships (1974-76) but you can see the writing on the wall, writing which reads “all-wheel-drive.” How do you build on this past success and continue to be competitive in the new decade? For Lancia, the answer was the 037, which would ultimately become, in 1983, the last rear-wheel-drive car to win the WRC Manufacturers' Championship before AWD competitors like the Audi Quattro and Peugeot 205 T16 completely changed the sport forever. To compete in Group B events, Lancia was obliged to meet homologation rules by producing 200 street versions of the 037. While visually striking and invigorating to drive, the 037 Stradale remains, at heart, a race car and is thus anything but comfortable. This, however, is precisely what appeals to owner Philip Toledano, who grew up watching Lancia–more specifically, the Stratos and 037–dominate European rally racing. “It’s not like [the 037] was just a sports car designed for people who wanted to go fast,” says Phil. “This was designed for a purpose, and I love things that were designed specifically for a purpose, like a tool–except it's a fast tool that scares the crap out of you.” The interior of the 037 Stradale belies the car’s racing heritage: the dash contains a circuit board, conveniently located for periodic resets by the navigator; a navigator’s light stands at the ready; and the oil temperature gauge is located on the far right side of the dash, in front of the navigator’s seat. The 037's exterior is similarly eye-catching. Sporting a Pininfarina body and a 2.0 liter, supercharged Abarth engine that, as Phil puts it, makes Star Wars-like noises as he revs through the gears, the car attracts onlookers wherever it goes. Usually, however, this 037 is but a screaming red blur, leaving those onlookers little time to realize what they’ve just seen. Drive Tastefully®

Markku Alen - Lancia 037 Rally test (1985)
(in Finnish) Some clips from Markku Alen's summer-85 test session with the Lancia's orange red test car. He's testing setups and tyres for the upcoming '85 1000 Lakes Rally. Astonishingly he has not yet decided whether he'll attend to the rally or not. (The two last clips are from the '83 rally, sorry for that...)

RARE: Lancia 037 Stradale - Fly By Acceleration Sound Flames!
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