Pontiac Lemans Burnout

1971 Pontiac Lemans doing a nice burnout.

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Pontiac Lemans "72 street show!!
Crazy muscle car street show, 406 stroker, 540 hp....

..burnout's wanted!
The old Pontiac is now working as it should. Waiting for summer's races. More movies to come!

Getaway in Stockholm Test: Pontiac Le Mans
Pontiac Le Mans 650hp + 300hp nitro Top Speed 228km/h 0-200 8 sec 0-100 2.5 sec 1/4 mile 9.32 sec @ 228km/h GIS Factor 52%

1970 Pontiac Lemans 455 "The Green Monster"
A more current look and listen of my buddies 1970 Pontiac Lemans "The Green Monster" 455 bored to 462 I never get tired of the Big Block sound with straight pipes and those big Mickey Thompson racing slicks. iPhone