BMW Valvetronic Sensor Faults 2a67 and 2a63 Causing Stalling Misfires and Rough Running

This is a problem I have seen on many BMW's. This applies to all vehicles with valvetronic especially on the N46, N51, N52, and N52K engines. In this video I go over what to check on the N46 Engine and what the common cause of this problem is attributed to.

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BMW N46 Valvetronic Stellmotor tauschen
In diesem Video tauschen wir den Stellmotor der Valvetronic eines BMW E90 320i mit N46 Motor. Bei einem Defekt sind entsprechende Fehlercodes hinterlegt, zum Beispiel der Code 10859. Der Tausch des Stellmotors ist beim N42 ähnlich, allerdings ist hier ein Anlernen des Stellmotors via zB ISTA oder Werkstatt notwendig. Der Motor lässt sich aber auch hier nach dem Tausch starten. Vorbereitungen: - Ventildeckel entfernen. Siehe Teilenummern/Material: ➥ Valvetronic Stellmotor: 11377548387 (zum Beispiel von VDO) Werkzeuge: ➥ 10er Gabelschlüssel ➥ Alle Werkzeuge des Ventildeckel-Videos ✔ Voraussetzungen ➥ Motorcode N46 Kosten der Reparatur: 150 EUR Schwierigkeit: Schwer (Weil Ventildeckel haarig ist) Besucht mich auf meiner Facebook-Seite für viele Dinge rund um das Thema Autotechnik und Fahrzeugreparatur in Eigenregie!

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BMW Valvetronic Variable Valve Lift
BWM Valvetronic Electronic Valve Lift Get the book and DVD here: Valvetronic engines use a combination of hardware and programing to abolish the need for a regular throttle mechanism. Valvetronic varies the lift of the intake valves. Based on signals formerly taken mechanically from the accelerator pedal position sensor, the stepper motor changes the phase of the eccentric cam, modifying the action of the intake valves.This system has a conventional intake cam, but it also uses a secondary eccentric shaft with a series of levers and cam followers, activated by an electronic stepper motor. The Valvetronic engine replaces the function of the throttle body by using infinitely variable intake valve lift. Valvetronic has its own computer housed in a separate unit away from the engine management system, networked through CAN network with the digital engine management system incorporating a 40-megahertz, 32 or 64 bit computer. Valvetronic reduces maintenance costs, lowers Exhaust emissions, improves cold start behavior, and provides a smoother running engine. It also does not need specific fuel grades or fuel qualities because of its fine atomization of fuel. Because Valvetronic allows the engine to breathe ... Get the whole story right here in this video... Enjoy... Amazon Printed-Books & Kindle: d-keywords=mandy+concepcion Google Play Android APPs: Amazon Video DVDs: -keywords=mandy+concepcion Barnes & Noble Nook: tore=allproducts Apple iTunes iPad:

Valvetronic disabled
Valvetronic disabled by disconnecting eccentric shaft sensor. No error on dash but on diagnose we can see valvetronic is put in limp mode home. Done on Malaysian assembled E46 318i 2002 BMW N42