1998 - Le Mans - Incidents involving the works Porsches and Panoz

Michele Alboreto, the driver of the works Porsche LMP1/98 (also driven by Stefan Johansson and Yannick Dalmas retires with electrical problems. The Porsche was hampered by a mysterious but temporary loss of pressure in the left-hand turbocharger, but they were racing towards one-third distance in sixth position when the engine adruptly shut down. The flywheel had cracked ad, expanding due to centrifugal force, it has broken off the ignition sensor. At 9.00pm, the severely delayed Panoz Motor Sports GTR-1 (by Eric Bernard, Christophe Tinseau and Johnny O'Connell) , which had been in the pits for ages with gearbox problems and had rejoined the race, blotted its copy book again by hurling itself through the gravel at the Ford chicane. It carried on for a full lap, then pitted, was hoovered out and is now back in the race again. The Porsche 911 GT1-98 (driven by Jörg Müller, Uwe Alzen and Bob Wollek) made an embarrassing mistake as it leaves the pits after a routine stop, only to spin off at Dunlop Curve. He staggered through the gravel onto the service road and escaped. Thankfully, the car wasnt too delayed as it soon came back into the track. He couldnt even blame it on cold tyres since they hadn't actually been changed!

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1998 - Le Mans - Wayne Gardner is being dragged out at Indianapolis
The no. 21 Solution-F Riley & Scott Mk III - Ford with Wayne Gardner (Philippe Gache, Wayne Gardner and Didier de Radigues) is being dug out of the gravel at Indianapolis at 6:50pm. It was extracted by the authorities and it returned relatively undamaged to its pit. It would cost Gardner 16 minutes to get back to the pits.

1981 - Dubai Grand Prix - Live coverage of the Grand Prix 1/2
Dubai's First and (to date) only, Motor Racing Grand Prix in 1981 celebrated the United Arab Emirates' Tenth Anniversary since declaring independence on 2nd December 1971. It was an unlikely event for a City State still unknown in the World back then and with no experience of Motor Racing of any kind. That the 1981 Dubai Motor Grand Prix took place at all was, in hindsight, a remarkable show of confidence in Dubai. It would be organised by Martin Hone who also came up with the idea of the Birmingham Superprix. The tone was set by an opening parade featuring sponsors products, saloon cars collector's cars, beach buggies motorcross presentation by Al Nasr Motor Club, marching band of the Military and Police Authorities. Dubai water-ski club presentation "World Champions Parade" Hoteliers Floats, "Hilton", "International" "Metropolitan" "Sheraton". "Hyatt Regency" followed by the "Metropolitan Kart Racing presentation" go-karts and hotel floats, If that wasn't enough, the parade was led by Walt Cunningham, a retired NASA astronaut who had orbited the Earth in 1967 as one of the three-man crew of Apollo 7. The first race of the day (10 laps) was the Citroen CX Celebrity Race featuring internationally known and World Champion Racing Drivers. They would be competing for the Dubai Metropolitan Trophies. The second race of the day would be the Pace Petroleum Aston Martin Production Race with various drivers competing for the Dubai International Hotel Trophies with their pre and post war sports racing cars featuring the world's top racing Aston Martins. Credits to Charles Sammut for providing the video tapes to help me with the pre-history of the Birmingham Superprix.

Porsche 911 GT1 developpement
The developpement of the first Porsche GT1 for Le Mans 1996

24h Le Mans 2014 Audi R18 #3 Toyota TS040 #8 Crash In Rain
24h Le Mans 2014 Audi R18 #3 Toyota TS040 #8 Crash In Rain With Ferrari