San Diego Police Motor Competition: SDSO - Full Course - Clean Run

2010 Terry Bennett Memorial Police Motorcycle Competition. Deputy Tim's clean run on the full course. Pauma Valley, CA.

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Ventura PD Motor Quinn Redeker - San Diego County Motor Officers Assoc. Competition 2011
Ventura PD Quinn Redeker's winning performance runs and slow race run. What a phenomenal talent & it's awesome to watch the skill this guy has on a BMW R1200RT-P.

2011 Police Motor Competition San Diego
San Diego, CA - The 10th Annual Terry Bennett Memorial Police Motorcycle Competition held at Mission Bay - San Diego, California.

Japanese Police Officer Owns Motorcycle Skill Training 2017
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Cops vs Cars and Police Chases 2016. This video has police vs motorcycles, police vs police, police vs dirt bike, police vs street racer, police vs moto, cop vs motorcycles, cop vs dirt bike, cop vs biker, cop vs bike, cop vs street racer, police chase 2016, police chase motorcycle, police chase compilation, police chase fail. SUBSCRIBE :