Slideshow and race video - MGB MG B

Some pictures in a slideshow and race video set to 'Real Gone' of me racing my 1980 MGB

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MGB GT Rebuild Timelapse
650+ hour (and hundreds of cups of tea) rebuild of my 78' MGB GT along with some alpine shenanigans

MGB laps of Mallala (South Australia) - Aug, 2006
The lovely engine sounds of a little 1800cc 1968 MGB doing laps of Mallala Motorsport Park in South Australia detracted from by the lousy wind noise in the microphone. Couldn't get the Alfa but it didn't get away either much, either!

MGB GT: Preparing for the paint job - Wheeler Dealers
Edd has an MG in his workshop and attacks the paintwork. He goes into great detail prepping the surface before the paint goes on. From Wheeler Dealers For more car clips from Wheeler Dealers just head to: Subscribe to Wheeler Dealers TV:

MGB race Autocross spinout
Here is a video segment of a spinout in my MGB (see another video of mine for a good run). Race was an SCCA event