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"Youve Got To Be SUPER Nuts" Sand Hollow new Buggy Line Second Time Up
This was my second time up this new line we made 2/21/2015 Sand Hollow State park. This obstacle is on the "Maze" trail towards the end. There were no tracks up it and now there are two sets from me and me LOL I rate this a #7-8 out of a 10. Not super hard but you can sure get hurt or killed if you make a mistake. Check out the original video of "You've got to be nuts" Underground Diesel Performance Las Vegas NV your #1 Diesel Repair shop 702-737-7333 www.undergrounddiesels.com

Gunshot creek, How to do properly!!
Cape York 2010. Gunshot Creek.

This is a video compilation I put together of the best of all of my videos so far. I'd like to thank all of my subscribers and everyone who supports the channel. Contest video will be uploaded later today! Stay Tuned!

4x4 where no truck has ever been
Getting close to the kahiltna glacier in Alaska. Watch Part 2 here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fANWwtwS8U