Renault Clio Sport on-board racing

2000 Clio Sport 2.0 16V 172 hp prepared for racing (EBC brakes, cat-back Exhaust, removed interior elements, etc.)

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Orski/Grudziński - Renault Clio Sport R3 - onboard - BIG CRASH - 37 Rally Kosice [HD]
produkcja: - sprzedaż i wynajem kamer do onboardów

Richard Hammond Reviews The Renault Clio Sport 172 (2000)
Richard Hammond reviews the little 'pocket rocket' that is the Renault Clio Sport 172. He finds out how the sports version of the Clio fares against the regular one and also against it's other hot-hatch competitors.

ONBOARD RALLY GERNIKA 2011 Natxo Zuloaga & Diego Fernandez -Clio Sport-
Natxo Zuloaga & Diego Fernandez Renault Clio Sport -- 1º Clase 3 -- Rally Gernika 2011 - TC1 - On Board Camara Interior DTR Motor TV

Renault Clio B Sport (RS) 2.0 16V - soundcheck & drive!