Neodymium magnet in copper pipe

New fat copper pipe with big magnet:

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Ball magnet on copper rail
This is a sort of pendulum like thing. A 10mm magnet (N,S) ball swings over a copper rail. It runs on the solar SS1CC circuit in the shadow. See also : For a SS1CC PCB look at my website : You can download my music for free :

sphere spins, but in wrong plane; around wrong axis
Magnetic sphere is N38, diameter 1" (26 mm). Coil is a basic vortex coil, 120 notches; stepping 41, aready energized with 180° phase-shifted square wave signals @ ca. 13 Hz at start of video. Powered by a 12 V car battery, with a 21 W car light bulb as load in each circuit. Signal generation by sqare wave generator, 50% duty cycle. I use a DDS20 digital square wave generator which I bought from 1&bereich=&marke= Signal B is produced by a NOR-gate, so that it should be exactly in phase opposition to signal A, that is to say while A is ON, B is OFF and vice versa. With my signal generator I can only change the frequency. No alteration of duty cycle, phase shifting or other fancy stuff. The sphere spins with good torque, i.e. there is a lot of friction between the sphere and the white stone slab, which lies under the coil. More on in forum thread "Marko Rodin"

melt metal with magnets
melt metal with magnets

Schwebende Kugel - Levitating magnetic Sphere
PLEASE RATE THIS VIDEO - COMMENTS ARE WELCOME. Here I present a suspension device in which a neodym magnetic sphere levitates. The electronics are in the pedestal and on top is an electromagnet with sensor (SS495A). The voltage supply comes from an external power supply unit with 15V direct current. Gracias a un ajuste preciso, la esfera queda suspendida en el aire. Dank raffinierter Regelung wird die Kugel in der Schwebe gehalten. A project from