Eddie Moyzan training and posing

Eddie Moyzan, the Pennsylvania Hercules, training and posing at Gold's Gym, Venice, California (251lbs. at 5'10") 3 weeks prior to 2000 Nationals. Eddie's arms, along with those of Finnish Superman Marko Savolainen, fully pumped, measured over 24". Eddie and Marko had the distinction of having the largest and most massive true muscular arms in the world (no synthol). Eddie is also known for his tremendous physical strength, ranking him as one of the three strongest bodybuilders in the world, of all time, along with Ronnie Coleman and Marko Savolainen. As great as Eddie looks here, he was far from his full potential. This man could have and should have been Mr. Olympia. Perhaps Eddie will get back to competing and get his pro card. Eddie Moyzan competing in the pros would be a game changer.

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