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Prova Sym Fiddle II 125
http://motoscootercity.com/video Sotto le forme classiche di Sym Fiddle II 125, si celano buone prestazioni e qualità generale. Il tutto combinato ad un listino allettante.

SYM Classic / Fiddle II
New from SYM the Classic as we call it in Australia or the Fiddle II as they call it overseas

Essai du SYM FIDDLE 125cc

Motorcycle and Scooter Fail Compilation *NEW*
Motorcycle and Scooter Fail Compilation *NEW* - Enjoy the Video Please drive carefully. Please note that no one was seriously injured. All crashes in this video are non-fatal.Take this video as a learning tool. This video is only for educational purposes. Be careful on the road. Drive safely and keep yourself and others safe. JOIN US ON: facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-BEST-Compilation/447013445352908 Russian Car Crash Compilation.

SYM Classic
The New SYM Classic has arrived in Australia, Murray from Scooter Central checks out the new model

2009 SYM Fiddle II Scooter Review
Watch Scooter-News' video review of the 2009 SYM Fiddle II. Read the full review and see photos at Scooter-News.com

2014 SYM Maxsym 600i ABS 本地試騎

Official SYM Fiddle II 125 Scooter Video - Distributed by AlliancePowersports.com
Official Sym Fiddle II 125 scooter video, product review commercial. 24 month warranty, 90 mpg, $2299 msrp with top speed of 59 mph. Available in ruby red, sky blue, midnight black, butterscotch yellow and arctic white. Made in Taiwan.

Maxsym 400i x Citycom 300i - Comparativo 1/3 - Brasil
Comparativo entre nova Maxsym 400i Dafra/SYM com a Citycom. De um modo bem simples, mostrando diferenças entre as duas. Nesse comparativo, lembrei de comparar: peso, tamanho, porta-malas, painel e pneus. Infelizmente, deu um pau no vídeo que fiz e tive que dividi-lo. No próximo, já espero colocar mais informações como: Abertura elétrica do porta-malas, painel, freios, luzes ao entardecer e som do motor. Mesmo sendo motos com propostas diferenças, é muito interessante compará-las. Pode perguntar nos comentários e assim que possível vou respondendo-os. Se o vídeo não te interessar, somente ignore! Mais discussões sobre a Maxsym em: facebook.com/groups/maxsym400i OBS: Diâmetro dos pneus com em polegadas e não em centímetros como falei no vídeo.

SYM - Sang Yang Motor Co scooters
SYM - Sang Yang Motor Co scooters One of the best known OEMs in the world, here is the story of SYM. The company was once part of Honda Taiwan before splitting three ways one became known as Kwang Yang Motor Co. aka KYMCO, the other Sang Yang Motor Co. aka SYM. We highly recommend this brand. We are familiar with the engines and the makes having been the importers 2003-2005 in the USA and spent time working on the Honda based engines. To buy performance parts for the SYM lineup in the USA visit one of our authorized sales centers by visiting http://www.mrp-speed.com/consumers.html There you can find a full list of authorized dealers where you can buy original Martin Racing Performance scooter parts. www.MRP-SPEED.com

Sym Fiddle II

TEST | MAXSYM 600 ABS, le plus généreux des maxiscooters !
Essai Sym Maxsym 600 ABS 2014. Attendu depuis plusieurs années, le Maxsym 600 vient finalement rejoindre son petit frère 400 cm3 dans la gamme Sym pour ce printemps 2014. Equipé du monocylindre 565 cm3 issu du quad Quadraider, et doté de l'ABS de série, ce maxi GT assez cossu en donne pas mal pour son tarif. TEST COMPLET sur www.motoservices.com : http://www.motoservices.com/essai-scooter/essai-test-maxsym-600-abs-2014.ht m

SYM - Scooter Moto Festival 2014
SYM Scooter Moto Festival 2014 - Athens Gazi Technopolis

Essai SYM Maxsym 600
Retrouvez toutes nos vidéos sur : http://www.motor-infos.tv Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/motorinfos Retrouvez l'essai complet du SYM Maxsym 600 : http://www.scooter-infos.com/essai-1936-sym-maxsym-600-abs.html En 2011, Sym se lançait sur le marché des maxi-scooters haut de gamme avec son Maxsym 400. Cette machine existe en version 600 cm3 depuis ses premières apparitions en salon, mais il aura fallu attendre 2014 pour que cette déclinaison arrive sur nos routes. Aujourd'hui à l'essai, le Maxsym 600 s'est révélé bien plus homogène et attachant que ce à quoi nous nous attendions. La preuve en vidéo.

C/P值的完美詮釋 SYM GTS300i
隨著黃牌機車正式開放行駛高架道路、快速道路,這些價 格親民、使用方便又舒適的黃牌大羊也在台灣的機車市場 上開始暢銷,很多人都會選擇購買這種舒適性、運動性平 衡的黃牌大羊來做為上下班通勤,甚至出門旅遊的代步工 具。 而台灣國內機車大廠 ── 三陽進入黃牌機車市場的第一彈就是將歐洲熱銷的GTS300i 式在國內發售上市,其高質感、豐富的配備、大容量、 空間,最後加上合理的價格,絕對是強勢衝擊國內黃牌 車市場,而實際在騎乘和使用上的感受,就讓我們來告 你,它,為何是C/P值的完美詮釋。 更多影片在Go車誌官網: http://www.buycartv.com/

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