Finger BMX Montage after 1 hour learning

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Kaden "Dubby" Stone - 10 for 10
With his birthday quickly approaching Kaden "Dubby" Stone created a list of 10 bangers he wanted to do while he was still 10 years old, and set off on a journey through Southern California to accomplish his goal. Made By: Produced By: Jaz Kalkat & Elliot Feld Directed By: Tom Morris Music By: J.D Beatz - "Apache"

Finger Skatepark Unboxing

Original Session ChampionShip 2
RESULT: Result Original Session 2011 1º Bernardo Bastos - Note total: 23.9 Alagoinhas - BA 2º Felipe "Cupim" - Note total: 21.2 Salvador - BA 3º Henrique Matos - Note total: 20.9 Viamão - RS 4º Thales Alexandre - Note total: 19.2 Salvador - BA 5º Gabriel Lima - Note total: 14.8 Candeias - BA 6º Felipe Calhau - Note total: 13.7 Salvador - BA 7º Breno Cerqueira - Note total: 12.9 Candeias - BA 7º Breno Cerqueira - Note total: 12.9 Candeias - BA 8º Lucas Araujo - Note total: 12.1 Salvador - BA 9º Jeftér Rodrigues - Note total: 9.2 Salvador - BA 10º Alan dos Anjos - Note total: 9.1 Salvador - BA

Fingers Breakdance 5
Fingers on Breakdance dance floor,miniature Shoes, Hip-hop music with Urban feel beat; this video is a part of Fingers Breakdance YouTube Channel that features many Popular Fingers Skateboard and Fingers Breakdance videos, some with miniature Shoes, backed with Hip-hop - Urban feel - Dance music. Song: Gagnez "La Da Da Da" (Featuring Gina Rene & Rich Bella) Download "La da da da by Gagnez" here: Also available on iTunes or Amazon MP3 Thank you for watching and I would love to read your comments SUBSCRIBE :) Thanks