Corvette Z06 Vortech Supercharged vs Nissan GT-R

2007 Z06 Vortech Supercharger, LG Motorsports headers/Exhaust 345/30R19 Hoosier drag radials

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Corvette supercharged vs Nissan GT-R
A roll on from 40-170mph!!!

Vortech Supercharged Corvette Z06
Vortech Supercharged Z06 on the Dyno with Custom Supercharger Cam, ARH Long tube headers and more! Built and tuned all in house

2010 Nissan GT-R vs 2009 Corvette C6
My friends Stock 2010 Nissan GT-R vs my stock 2009 Corvette C6 LS3 from a 50 roll. Need a rematch: Corvette was stock making 359 rwhp now has a Exhaust and tune and is making 414 rwhp.

Speedo Corvette C5 Z06 685hp 7psi boost vortech 0-200kmh
Acceleration avec Supercharger vortech a 7psi