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Brno Circuit | Citroën Saxo VTS 16V | 27.10.2012

Very wet and cold day at the track. It was the last chance to drive on the track this session and also a chance to practice driving in this weather. Car isn't setup properly yet, rear brakes are overbalanced and the tyres didn't work very well (Federal SS595), that's the reason for the oversteer, but overall it was a great fun and practice in the rain. The best time was 3:10:17 (with passenger) Music: Rush - Driven


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Brno Circuit | Citroën Saxo VTS 16V | 27.10.2013
Den otevřené dráhy na Masarykově okruhu v Brně 27.10.2013 Sestřih pěkných průjezdů a zajímavých momentů co se mi přihodily na trati, bohužel nebyla možnost si zajet ostré kolo z důvodu velkého množství aut na trati ať už pomalejších či rychlejších. Byla to i tak výborná zábava na závěr sezóny a věřím že se to líbilo i mým pasažérům :) Nejrychlejší kolo bylo 2:48:..., ale myslím že je možné stáhnout čas na 2:44:... s autem v současném stavu. Parametry auta: Výkon: 128ps Váha: 940kg Pneu: Federal SS595, P/Z 185/55 R14 (Pneu pro běžný silniční provoz) Úpravy: rám FIA, lam. sedadla, 6bod. pásy, náporové sání Simota + Green filtr, výfuk bez katalyzátoru, koncový tlumič nahrazen rezonátorem, podvozek HP Sporting (vzadu tuhostně stavitelný), přední rozpěra (horní i spodní) ------------------------------------------------------- Open trackday at Brno Circuit 27.10.2013 Couple of nice moments from the track and footage of few whole laps with my car. Couldn't try to get the best out of it because there was a lot of other cars. It was a nice end of the season and I hope my passengers enjoyed it aswell :) Fastest lap was 2:48:... but I think it's possible to run around 2:44:... with the car in it's current condition. Car spec's: Engine: 128hp Weight: 940kg Tyres: Federal SS595, F/R 185/55 R14 (Road legal tyres) Mod's: rollcage FIA, fiberglass seats, 6point harness, Simota Aeroform intake + Green filter, deCAT, rear silencer replaced by a second resonator, HP Sporting suspension (rear adjustable damping), front strutbrace (upper and lower)

Citroën Saxo Turbo project by Ventouris performance
Ventouris performance Service-Tuning-Auto parts etc. Grigoriou Lampraki 300 Nikaia Greece tel.:210 4925420- 210 4000023 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ventouris-Performance/196782510727?ref=hl S.Ch®2014

Rafał Urbaniec / Piotr Bochenek - Citroen Saxo VTS - SuperOes X Runda - Tor Kielce 20-10-2012
http://www.rallyvideo.prv.pl - nagrania przejazdow wszystkich startujacych http://www.youtube.com/user/fukku666 Rafał Urbaniec / Piotr Bochenek Citroen Saxo VTS Super Oes 10 Runda Tor Kielce 20-10-2012

Manuel Michalko - Citroen Saxo 16V 1.6 - Auersbach 2012 OnBoard
Manuel Michalko - Citroen Saxo 16V 1.6 - Auersbach 2012 OnBoard ...and more...

Saxo VTS Cup in Motorvision
Test on DSF TV of Saxo race car.

Jan Štěpánek | Citroën Saxo VTS 16V | Vzhůru Farinovou zatáčkou 9.6.2012
Vzhůru Farinovou zatáčkou 9.6.2012 15th hillclimb race which took place on a part of the old Brno racing circuit. I was too fast and crashed in the first corner named by the legendary driver Giuseppe Farina (first driver to win Formula One World Championship) who crashed there on September 25th 1949 during the Grand Prix. Result: 2nd place overall Rules: To win the race driver had to lap the lowest difference between two timed runs Car spec's: Engine: 120hp Weight: 943kg + me and some fuel = 1027kg Tyres: Federal SS595, F 185/55 R14, R 185/55 R14 Music: Anthrax - What doesn't die

le saxo en folie dans ce best of

Best Motoring | Keiichi Tsuchiya | TRD AE86 N2
Very nice onboard with Tsuchiya san.

Citroën Saxo 1.6i VTS 16v vrij rijden Assen 16-05-2012
First attempt at TT-circuit Assen in Holland with a standard Saxo 1.6i VTS 16v 120bhp (the car in front is a 250bhp Impeza GT turbo AWD).

Circuit des Ecuyers - Ax 16v VS Saxo 16v dévergondée
Sortie le 31 mars 2012 avec le club GD (Gentlemen Drivers) Motorisation 1.6 16v TU5J4 environ 130ch Vue cockpit Arsouille avec Toto931 Caméra GoPro hero HD2 1080p full HD

Citroen Saxo VTS Scorpion Saxsport decat exhaust sound test 2 LOUD
Miss this car. Full progress thread from start to finish on Saxperience.com http://www.saxperience.com/forum/showthread.php?t=288606 I no longer own this car, however I own copyright to the video and made it what it was. [Please note] I do not consent to hot linking this video to sell any of the products used on the car on ANY website. Forum use only ;) If you wish to contact me regarding the video PM me or @Jamie_Myers for twitter. Remember to like it :P

Driver: Jean Luc Corbier (France). Car specs: 880 Kgs, 1600cc, 240 horsepower, Sequential Gearbox. Tribute to the terribly quick and nimble rally car, the Citroen Saxo Kit Car Group. A. Footage of French Racer Jean-Luc Corbier from several french hillclimbs including Col Saint Pierre (European Championship) + onboard footage. Thanks for watching!

Citroen Saxo 1.6 16v VTS Vrijrijden.nl Zandvoort 12-7-2011
130 bhp, 910 kg

Citroen Saxo VTS,Ladislav Azsóth,Brno 27.10.2012
Citroen Saxo VTS,Ladislav Azsóth,Brno 27.10.2012

Modified Citroen Saxo VTR Track Test
Lynn Rodgers is at an airfield as she has a look at a modified Citroen Saxo VTR and owner Kevin Neale takes her for a tests drive in it.

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