Brno Circuit | Citroën Saxo VTS 16V | 27.10.2012

Very wet and cold day at the track. It was the last chance to drive on the track this session and also a chance to practice driving in this weather. Car isn't setup properly yet, rear brakes are overbalanced and the tyres didn't work very well (Federal SS595), that's the reason for the oversteer, but overall it was a great fun and practice in the rain. The best time was 3:10:17 (with passenger) Music: Rush - Driven

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Jan Štěpánek | Citroën Saxo VTS 16V | Vzhůru Farinovou zatáčkou 9.6.2012
Vzhůru Farinovou zatáčkou 9.6.2012 15th hillclimb race which took place on a part of the old Brno racing circuit. I was too fast and crashed in the first corner named by the legendary driver Giuseppe Farina (first driver to win Formula One World Championship) who crashed there on September 25th 1949 during the Grand Prix. Result: 2nd place overall Rules: To win the race driver had to lap the lowest difference between two timed runs Car spec's: Engine: 120hp Weight: 943kg + me and some fuel = 1027kg Tyres: Federal SS595, F 185/55 R14, R 185/55 R14 Music: Anthrax - What doesn't die