Starting Old Arrow Engine

Carl starting an old Arrow engine which has not been started in many years. Bryan, Texas. 8/14/2008 Oil Pumper Derek's Oilfield Photography

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Starting Old Oilwell For The First Time
Carl starting a shut-in oil well for the first time in many years with an American 228-246-86 pumpjack running on an Arrow engine. Bryan, Texas. 8/14/2008 Derek's Oilfield Photography

Starting 50 year old JCB Digger
1959 JCB starts after being left idle for 2 years

Chicago Pneumatic 100hp Crank View

Changing Strokes Per Minute On Pumpjack 2008
Changing the strokes per minute on a Lufkin pumpjack using an Ajax engine. Burleson County Texas. 5/27/2008 Oil Pumper Derek's Oilfield Photography