Starting Old Arrow Engine

Carl starting an old Arrow engine which has not been started in many years. Bryan, Texas. 8/14/2008 Oil Pumper Derek's Oilfield Photography

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Starting Old Oilwell For The First Time
Carl starting a shut-in oil well for the first time in many years with an American 228-246-86 pumpjack running on an Arrow engine. Bryan, Texas. 8/14/2008 Derek's Oilfield Photography

Starting 50 year old JCB Digger
1959 JCB starts after being left idle for 2 years

Chicago Pneumatic 100hp Crank View

Old Arrow engine found abandoned in woods of Buna, Tx
We were told about this old antique stationary engine, when some people bought the land in Buna Texas. They only wanted the scrap weight for it. It actually weighs 1,400 pounds, but we gave them 100 dollars.. We thought at first it was an old natural gas operated oil field engine, and it was a Fairbanks- Morse engine, but we were wrong on all counts.. After a lot of research, we found it to be a C-46 Arrow engine, with a rare gasoline operated stationary engine, with a carb., and a factory fuel pump.. I don't think with the wood skids, and the gasoline operation, it was ever intended to run an oil field pumper jack.. We will get it running and show it on YouTube, should be interesting.