The Bonneville Story Part 2- Evolution To The Bonneville Salt Flats

The Hot Rod Story - Part 2 - Evolution To The Bonneville Salt Flats - Racing's Biggest Names At Their Beginnings Mickey Thompson's First Car, etc. This Is Where They Found The Best Place For Racing In The 20s And 30s, And Mickey Thompson's First Car Is Also Shown.

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The Bonneville Story Part 3 Introductions Of The Streamliner To Bonneville
The Hot Rod Story Part 3 - Introductions Of The Streamliner To Bonneville Salt Flats. The Streamliner Was Introduced In This Segment, Including Mickey Thompson's "Challenger 1" Which Reached A Land Speed Record At That Time Of 406.60 MPH At The Bonneville Salt Flats. Many Other Big Names Chet Herbert, Christman Brothers.

Bonneville Salt Flats (Part 1) Shot this video for BMW Motorcycles at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Bonneville Stories Part X "Anatomy of a Streamliner" The Denis Manning Story
A supremely talented and self-taught designer and fabricator, Denis Manning has devoted his life to pursuing the motorcycle land-speed record and his innovative streamliners have succeeded on more than one occasion. Manning, also the founder of aftermarket motorcycle Exhaust pipe company BUB Enterprises, built the streamliner that multi-time AMA Grand National Champion Chris Carr rode to a world-record 350.8 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats on September 7, 2006. BUB 7 is now the fastest motorcycle on the planet * Chris Carr set a new FIM world record & AMA national record at 367.382 mph thru the mile with an exit speed of 372.534 mph at the Cook Private Meet at the Bonneville Salt Flats Utah. We thank the crew and all of the sponsors that made this possible to bring home the record.

Speed Week 2017 435 MPH Pass: Cockpit Steering Wheel Camera
This camera is mounted on the steering wheel, and points back at Danny. When the steering wheel moves, it moves. This gives a good sense of how much maneuvering is necessary to stay on the track, but also (somewhat inadvertently) demonstrates how claustrophobic it is inside of the C2's cockpit (it is also worth noting that Bonneville is located in the Utah desert, and that it is well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit inside once the canopy is closed). The "jelly" effect visible in portions of the video is a result of the car's extreme vibration at 400mph+ speeds. Background: Danny Thompson's Challenger 2 laid down a 435.735mph one-way pass on the opening day of the SCTA's 2017 Speed Week event (Saturday, August 12th) at the Bonneville salt flats. More information available at: