454 Big Block Chevy with 2" wide cog belt pulleys

Black Mountain Precision's 2" cog belt pulley kit with a billet midmount alt. bracket on a 454 chevy engine.

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Big block Chevy 427 with a LWP 1" wide Cog Belt & my new mid mount alternator bracket
This is a big block Chevy with a tunnel ram and Edelbrook aluminum heads. This motor makes 668hp at 6900rpms. The pulleys and brackets are my long water pump 1" wide cog belt system with my new mid mount alternator bracket. All of my product is on my website www.blackmountainprecision.com. Everything that I make is a direct bolt-on in place of your stock pulley system. I use billet 6061-t6 aluminum and is polished or black powder coated. Thanks for looking. Ron

Gilmer belt drive 82 c10
whining gilmer belt drive on the small block

454 chevy wiend blower twin carbs
454 chevy wiend blower twin carbs. Running on stand.

Small Block Chevy Corvette 2" belt drive cog pulleys
We just finished installing this Millerspeed 2" belt drive pulley system into a customers 1976 Corvette 350. The 2" belt drive is a huge improvement in looks and performance over the stock v-belt pulleys and the sound is just awesome! The belt drive system uses a 8mm pitch HTD timing belt and features CNC-machined billet aluminum cog pulleys and brackets. For more info please visit www.millerspeed.com or call (310)408-8798