Lançamento Vauxhall Cavalier(1981)

O carro dos anos 80 nunca se foi.Definetly the car of the 80's.All over the world in the 5 continents,sucess recipe and avant-garde design.

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O vôo do Monza/Cavalier/Ascona SRi(1985)
Montagem ou não,foi bem feito.Um carro que estava acima do seus concoreentes.

Vauxhall Cavalier

Top Gear Reviews the MK2 Cavalier (1981)
Top gear review the early spec launch cavalier GLS 1600. It's worth noting that this was before the fuel injection and the rest of the range was launched. These car's were the first of three revisions that Vauxhall performed on the model throughout the 1980's. This video was very hard to come by!

Comerciais Monza x Kadett Anos 80 e 90
Comerciais Monza x Kadett Anos 80 e 90. Vídeos extraidos por rede P2P. Autoria desconhecida. Editado por KadettClube SP. General Motors, obrigado por existir ;)