Flex 5000 Filters

This is a demonstration of the FLex 5000 filters. I am on 40M with the pre-amp on. I am using a crystal controlled signal generator which has the best spectral purity, but its best output is S9. I tried an Elecraft transmitter which could generate a higher signal strength but had far worse spectral purity so I opted for this. The band width starts at 400hz on CW dropping to 13hz. I re-tune the radio so at each succeeding decrease in band width I am back at S9 and drop the bandwidth. I think this is a better demonstration than constantly retuning since the equations that determine the filters are all the same equations as opposed to discrete crystal filters, so the characteristic of each filter is the same, only the bandwidth is different. MDS with the pre-amp active on 40M is on the order of -150dBm. As you can see the performance of the filters is phenomenal and with NO ringing. You can also hear how quiet the receiver is in this demonstration. I will do a video on the AGC at some point to show why this is such a quiet receiver. The lack of fatigue when listening to this radio is the best of any radio I have ever owned Because of the AGC and the quietness you can really spend hours and hours listening with virtually no fatigue. Hope you enjoyed this one as I think its one of the best aspects of the radio

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Flex 5000 vs. ANAN 100 Large Signal Performance
There is one major downside of SDR, the front-end filtering has to adopt a different approach in order to sample a wide spectrum, rather than a discrete frequency like a legacy radio. Among the resulting issues is how the SDR copes with a strong in-band signal or a strong out of band signal. By strong I mean STRONG (+3dBm). This video shows why I needed a Heros preselector on the Flex-5000 when my friend and neighbour who is also a ham, comes on the bands. It also shows why I no longer need that preselector with the ANAN!

PA9JO and flexradio
Flexradio 5000 with big signals at PA9JO Holland.

Flex Radio 5000a PowerSDR Ham Radio Deluxe
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K1OIK Reviews the Flex 1500 (Flex 5000 discontinued).
QST has reviewed the 1500, read it. I sold mine, enough heartache with CW This is a beta review as Flex is constantly improving the Flex 1500. See the setup at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSGL1Do1Gkc&feature=search