My 68 Firebird Restoration Part 17

LS engine harness modification Part 2

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My 68 Firebird Restoration Part 84
Just a little ride!!!

My 68 Firebird Restoration Part 14
Rear leaf spring installation

Outer Wheelhouse video for Tom Noble
Tom I hope this helps on your car. The repo parts will never be a dead on match, but I see in your video the hole visible in the trunk is way off. I suspect the issue is with your inner wheelhouse patch as I have never ran across an outer that was that far off. I think what I would do is clamp the outer WH where it fits the best and then start fitting your quarter. Adjust the outer WH to where you get the best fit along the wheel lip, rocker & trunk drop off. Dont worry so much about that hole it wont be seen unless the trunk is open and you can cut and relocate that hole on your inner WH to match up to the outer WH if need be. IMHO it is more important to have a good fit in the areas I mentioned. I hope this helps & good luck. if I can do anything to help you,just let me know.

How To: 4 Wire LS Wiring Harness Conversion, Part 1
In part one we show how to begin disassembling a 4.8L/5.3L/6.0L Truck harness in order to modify it to work on an LS1 intake and be fully compatible with an older wiring system so you can use it in a classic project. All the power wires will be modified and condensed in order to convert the harness to a "4 wire hookup". Wiring Harness Pinout: