Bring Back Real Stock Cars!

The stock cars of today are only an illusion of stock car racing. The new cars are only made to look like the real thing. There is very little if any technological transfer from racing to our cars. NASCAR says that standard cars are not strong enough to withstand the rigors of racing and crashes! Oh Really! So it is ok that we drive around in cars that disintergrate and crumple during accidents. If you have to restrict the power to NASCARS to make them safe enough for the speeds they travel fine. We should be able to purchase cars with explosion proof gas tanks, 5 point safety harnesses and a optional roll cage. But we can't. As you will see, Richard Petty survived a pretty terrible accident which one would have thought would have killed him. Perhaps he had a lot of luck. But he was buckled in with a heavy duty harness and inside a roll cage. We should boycott NASCAR until they start to go back to modifying the cars which the public are forced to buy. What is good enough for the goose is good for the gander. NASCAR has drifted from it's historic roots of moon shine running and has become meaningless. Perhaps as the econonmy emplodes this youtube will be a mute point as we won't be able to afford to go to such races. But the illusion we are given that the current NASCAR cars have anything to do with real cars is wrong . It is a fraud.

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Nope! I was Right!!! NASCAR is DEAD!!!!!... #BoycottNASCAR
You will be surprised how many people have asked for my opinion about NASCAR giving the Xifinity & Truck Series a chase format & also giving the Trucks a boatload of phantom debris cautions, I mean a 'caution clock'... It's obvious at this point, but anyway here it is... A few months ago when I was down in the dumps about anything & everything, I really wanted to believe the YouTubian Buddies who said that NASCAR would get better, especially since WWE was kinda trying after me unbanning everything lifted their ban, so I originally gave up on giving the Sprint Cup Series the Death Penalty... until NASCAR forced me to put it back on & then some! Truck chase? Xfinity Chase? Caution clocks!? What the blue hell NASCAR!? Everyone though with the new rules package for the cars, everything would get better. In my down state, I took my Death Penalty against the Cup Series away because of the hope that everyone had for you, & you RUINED IT!!!!! There is no WAY I can watch any NASCAR this year, not after this! It is time for a boycott, & not just for Sprint Cup either. I mean ALL of NASCAR. If you refuse to listen to your fans & still insist the chase is a great thing to the point you put it on all 3 national divisions, even after the tumultuous crap of last year in Sprint Cup, why the blue hell should we pay attention to you!? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My main channel: My back-up channel: My Pokémon channel: My collaboration game channel with kyogre20: My video blog channel: My boyfriend's channel: My bestie's channel: My bestie's 2nd channel: My bestie's 3rd channel: My bestie's 4th channel: My bestie's 5th channel: My bestie's 6th channel: The only other Markid who has a channel on YouTube (Mardeth):

Wendell Scott - NASCAR Racing Documentary
Wendell Scott - NASCAR Racing Documentary Documentary on legendary stock car racing driver Wendell Scott, his life and career. Wendell Oliver Scott (August 29, 1921 -- December 23, 1990) was an American stock car racing driver from Danville, Virginia. He is the only black driver to win a race in what is now the Sprint Cup Series. According to a 2008 biography of Scott, he broke the color barrier in Southern stock car racing on May 23, 1952, at the Danville Fairgrounds Speedway. The book, "Hard Driving: The American Odyssey of NASCAR's First Black Driver," by Brian Donovan (Steerforth Press), says that after gaining experience and winning some local races at various Virginia tracks, Scott became the first African-American to obtain a NASCAR racing license, apparently in 1953, although NASCAR does not have the exact date. The book says that Scott's career was repeatedly affected by racial prejudice and problems with top-level NASCAR officials. However, his determined struggle as an underdog won him thousands of white fans and many friends and admirers among his fellow racers.

How Its Made NASCAR Car Bodies

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