Probe GT vs Probe GT Turbo

**The quality sucks cause youtube sucks** Both of these people are my friends, the yellow probe is turbo'ed, and the other probe is the blue GT thats in my other videos.

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Worms Revolution | Explosions, Failure, Surprise Ending!
Gunthor and I do a little competing with each other. Who will win? WHO'S THE BEST? Find out! There were some audio issues with the recording, should be worked out and fixed by next video.

BattleBlock Theater EP.2 | Evil Toasts, More Cats, AND UHH
We are back with another installment of BBT where we continue to get owned and never get A++ for our time cause WE SUCK, UGH.

This ending though.

BattleBlock Theater EP.3 | WHAT'S A MUCKLE??
Hey guys, sorry for the no video last week, I've been quite busy, but here's another installment of BattleBlock Theater! Hope you guys love this one! Like, sub, share, and comment please!