recently discovered disturbing German war footage: fake or fiction?

Shocking footage of a secret german war program to use volkswagens to hit the allies where they could. It's sickening when you realize how desperate the germans must have been to start bomb the Allies with Volkswagens!

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The Messerschmitt Me 262 spooks USAAF bomber
The Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe (German: "Swallow") was the world's first operational turbojet fighter aircraft.It was produced in World War II and saw action starting in 1944 as a multi-role fighter/bomber/reconnaissance/interceptor warplane for the Luftwaffe. German pilots nicknamed it the "Sturmvogel," (Stormbird) while the Allies called it the "turbo." The Me 262 had a negligible impact on the course of the war due to its late introduction, with 509 claimed Allied kills (although higher claims are sometimes made), against more than 100 Me 262 losses.

WW II : RARE COLOR FILM : D-DAY : JUNE 5TH 1944 Conversations Prabhupada: ...two classes of men: the communist and the non-communist. Not exactly communist and capitalist, but communist and non-communist. Out of these two, the communists are going to be powerful. This is the world tendency. So if the world becomes full of communists, then the human civilization will be finished. All rogues and rascals, that's all. The American government wants to check this tendency. But they cannot check it if they remain "so-called trust in God." That will not be possible. So according to our proposition... Not only now, it is forever. Two classes of men are there: sura and asura. Surasura. Visnu-bhakto bhaved devah. Deva and sura, the same thing. Asuras tad viparyayah. And the asura, or the demons, godless. So if the Americans remain godless in the name of so-called trust in God, they will not be able to check this communistic movement. They will not be able. Now, if they are serious to check this communistic movement, save the American country as well as the whole world, then they must be very serious to understand what is God and what is trust in God. Otherwise this communistic movement will finish the civilized human society. So you are thoughtful. They must be very serious about it. And this is the only movement, Krsna consciousness, which can make all people actually trust in God and explain what is meant by God. Demons, they... If the communists are demons and the capitalists are also demons, fighting between demons, there will be war and loss of life, but nobody will come out victorious. That is going on. There is occasional world war, but the situation of the world remains the same. No party has become able to change the situation of the world.

vw beetle documentary Classic Wheels (1/3)
This documentary gives a nice overview of the history of the volkswagen beetle. It contains unique footage of Ferdinand Porsche standing near a pre-war beetle. Before the war this was called the KdF Wagen. The documentary was broadcast by Discovery Channel in 2004.

Stupid terrorists (Four Lions)
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