New Wind Turbine Invention.mp4

This wind turbine is quiet, bird friendly and can generate electricity in low wind speeds. That is because it funnels the wind into the center of the turbine.

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Windturbinerace 2009
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wind turbine invention.mp4
A wind turbine that increases the power because of it's revolutionary design. It is a funneling turbine. The turbine actually creates more power than any turbine it's size.

Wind Turbine That Funnels The Wind.
Producing power at lower wind speeds will soon be a reality. That's right! A wind turbine that can produce usable power at half the speed of ordinary wind turbines. The ultimate answers climate change, and global warming.

Invention, New hybrid micro wind turbine: Gyromag ( 3D and real ) video
Gyromag = Gyroscopic + Magnus. I friendly call it "Mirabolatore 3000" or "mb3k". It's still a prototipe however i wish to share it with you. Music by Calpomatt (