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This wind turbine is quiet, bird friendly and can generate electricity in low wind speeds. That is because it funnels the wind into the center of the turbine.

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Wind Power Generator Set ループウイング風力発電工作セット
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Jet Wind Turbine
This funnel shape wind turbine compresses the wind much like a jet engine. This provides more power even at lower wind speeds.

Anakata Wind Power Resources - Innovative Wind Turbine Technology
Developed by Formula One aerodynamics and materials engineers, Anakata's patented 'Accelerator Technology' and 'micro-downstream' uses leading-edge technology to create a turbine that is more efficient than any other of its size. By increasing the speed of the wind as it approaches the rotor, Anakata's horizontal-axis wind turbines have significantly increased potential power output, even at low wind speeds. The downstream wind-trackers allow the turbines to react to a swift change of wind direction and gusting, to capture as much wind and generate as much power output as possible. The patented shroud designs of Anakata's wind turbines not only maximize efficiency, but also offer near-silent operation. Anakata's unique groundbreaking technology now enables wind power to be generated in areas where it was once considered unsuitable. This unrivalled innovative technology now enables small-scale wind generation to become economically and environmentally viable.

Wind Turbine That Funnels The Wind.
Producing power at lower wind speeds will soon be a reality. That's right! A wind turbine that can produce usable power at half the speed of ordinary wind turbines. The ultimate answers climate change, and global warming.