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This wind turbine is quiet, bird friendly and can generate electricity in low wind speeds. That is because it funnels the wind into the center of the turbine.

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New invention wind and water turbine design
New invention: The Horizontal axis logarithic spiral fluid turbine - Because of its aerodynamic profile, the golden spiral turbine is self orienting when tethered or attached to a horizontal pivot point. - The shape of the blades and the smaller radius minimize drag while still collecting the kinetic energy efficiently. - It is relatively safe for fish. - Because of its small radius it can be constructed from cheap recycled plastic, PVC, or similar. - It is a design that works for both wind and water. - It is very simple comparing to the turbines out there in terms of cost, manufacturing, number of part, and maintenance. project is funded by my personal money and donations. looking for partners to help commercialize this invention. please go to our website for more info. Invented by Omar N Abass Patent pending Sep, 2010 Columbus, Ohio Golden Turbines LLC

The SHAZIZZ REDNECK WIND TURBINE! Is a real simple fun project for creating wind energy. you will need 1 = plastic 50 gal drum, 2 = 24 inch front bicycle rims, bunch of sheet rock screws, a drill, a jigsaw, and a propane torch, a tape measure and chalk to mark your cuts. Allways practice good safety habbits when using these tools. I want everyone to be safe! Peace and Love!

New wind generation technology produces 6 times more energy
Sign up for a free trial of News Direct's animated news graphics at A wind power company, SheerWind, from Minnesota USA has announced its new Invelox wind power generation technology. The company says its turbine could generate six times more energy than the amount produced by traditional turbines mounted on towers. Invelox does not rely on high wind speeds. It captures wind at any speed, even as low as 2 miles per hour. The wind captured is then funneled through a duct where it picks up speed. The resulting kinetic energy will drive the generator on the ground level and produces electricity. Invelox is said to be able to generate higher power with reduced generation costs. It also requires less land as the towers used are shorter and smaller, with no moving parts.

Wind Power Generator Set ループウイング風力発電工作セット
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