Integra V-TEC vs Eagle Talon

Caleb races an eagle talon and smokes him every time. Music by MIDWEST DURTY STUDIOS - DURTY BEATZ - CHECK OUT THE CHANNEL

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GODZILLA Killer Honda - 850hp Turbo Integra
The little Integra that could - 850hp in a tin can! The TX2K15 roll race didn’t disappoint when this AWESOME Integra faced off with Godzilla, a 1000hp GT-R! This Integra is no stranger to the 1320Video channel, and once again puts on a show at the roll race event. Myles turned up his Integra all the way to pull past this GT-R in a fierce re-match! Check out the feature to follow the car as he takes on a wicked GT-R!

acura integra vs eclipse turbo
is very good

MONSTER TURBO 1200hp 1G Eagle Talon
One of the craziest AWD builds we've seen yet showed up at Street Car Takeover OKC and put on a show! Making it all the way to the finals, even while down on power, Darren Thomas made some badass passes in this 1G DESM, as deep as the 5.60's range in the 1/8 and the car typically is in the 5.40 E/T's. This car is no joke! We hope to see it back out again once the car is all sorted out!