REVO Stage 1 B8 S4 Drag & Rolling

REVO Korea Proudly Announced B8 S4 REVO ECU. It is AMAZINGLY FAST ! Check this out !

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B8 S4 VS F80 M4

Gert Leisson S4 353km/h @ HRX One Mile Challenge 2017 Stage 2
Audi S4 2.7Bit

Revo Technik Software S4/S5 B8 3.0 TFSI Supercharged Power Plant
Revo Technik are proud to release Stage 1 for the B8 S4/S5. 18 months in development have meant we are able to see the best results for more information visit:

Mazdaspeed 3 BNR S4 Acceleration / Sounds
In this video, we get some sights and sounds of the MS3 with the Bnr S4 turbo, Cnt Racing catted downpipe, and stock catback with two resonators deleted. This will be the last video with this Exhaust setup because it has proven to be a restriction at 22 psi or higher, robbing horsepower and causing knock. The car has been de-tuned to approximately 300 whp at 19 psi for safety until the new Cnt Racing catless turboback Exhaust system arrives in the mail. Then we'll be able to start running more Boost and make more power efficiently. If you enjoyed this video, please Like, Share and Subscribe! Thanks for watching:) Mods in this video: 1. Snow Performance Stage 1 WMI Kit 2. Cobb Accessport V2 (self tuned) 3. Bfg Sport Comp 2 All Seasons 4. Jbr Oil Catch Can (vta setup) 5. Stratified Guardian Angel V3 6. Ngk One Step Colder Plugs 7. Cpe Top Mount Intercooler 8. Jbr 88a Rear Motor Mount 9. Jbr 88a Trans Motor Mount 10. Jbr 80a Pass Motor Mount 11. Autotech HPFP Internals 12. Eibach Lowering Springs 13. Corksport Injector Seals 14. Cnt Catted Downpipe 15. Koni Yellow Shocks 16. Volk TE37 Replicas 17. Raceland E-Cutout 18. Cobb 3 Port Ebcs 19. Resonator Delete 20. Htp full 3" Intake 21. Bnr S4 V2 turbo 22. Cobb Xle Bpv