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Muppet Racer Dyno 09-2011.AVI

First Dyno test for the Muppet Racer with its new engine 2276 cc engine (82x94), Original Magnesium case, CB perf Forged crankshaft, FK 89 camshaft, 11,5:1 Compression ratio, 044 cylinder head, 42x37.5 valves, CB 1.4 rockers, Vertex Magneto and a pair of 48 IDA Webers with 44 venturi First test gave 173 HP then it rose to 197 HP after playing with the ignition advance and finding the correct jets Here are 24 HP gain after this "Test and Tune" on the Dyno for the price of a few hours of labor ! More about our Dynotest on our Weblog : http://patvw.skynetblogs.be/Dyno-test/


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Turbocharged 67 Bug
finally got it running again after quite a few changes from last year.

Jesse/DVK 2176cc Weber 48 IDA
Small drive with my new 2176cc engine. Car is a '64 beetle. For more info www.cal-look.nl

2332 beetle VW 170hp accelerates 0-100
Just got the car off the Dyno. 170hp at 5250rpm. 2 short blasts up to 100km/h. Clutch cant handle a standing start. Home built and home ported heads.

1978 model vw dune buggy 1600 cc bored out, cold start
starting up the old dune buggy, really loud 1 to 1 headers

2332 startup
the new power plant for the 2012 season.

63 VW Bug Stinger Exhaust
1776 cc, 25:1 Ratio Rockers, 4 in1 Merged Header, Dual 40mm Carbs, Straight Stinger Exhaust, Super Street KCR Transmission

VW 2176 cc start up
Std engine case Std heads w/40 mm intake valves, ported CB Superrace crankshaft Empi H-profile connecting rods Wiseco pistons & Mahle barrels Engle FK89 camshaft and CB lifters CB 1.3:1 rockers Pushrods by Logmech (dual tapered) Empi 48 EPC carburetors Unknown power/torque

Ben 67 DynoRun 09-2011.wmv
First Dyno test for the Ben's '67 (Sea Blue) beetle with its new engine 2332 cc engine (84x94), Aliminium case, DPR welded crankshaft, FK 87 camshaft, 10,3:1 Compression ratio, CB Performance 044 Ultra Mag Plus head, 42x37.5 valves, CB 1.4 rockers and a pair of 48 IDA Webers with 42 venturi First test gave 194 HP then it rose to 202.3 HP after playing with the ignition advance and finding the correct jets Here are 8 HP gain after this "Test and Tune" on the Dyno for the price of a few hours of labor ! More about our Dynotest on our Weblog : http://patvw.skynetblogs.be/Dyno-test/

Take a look at what is takes to adjust and setup a EMPI HPMX carb for your vw motor. Recommended for owners of aircooled vw beetles, Dune Buggy and Baja cars.

Muppet racer and Empi Inch Pincher @ EBI4
Muppet Racer and Empi Inch Pincher being driven Keith Seume, at EBI4 Chimay

Bug-O-Rama 69 5-27-2012
First day at track after three year build. Still lots of work to do to car. I have to fix the wheel hop BAD! Best of weekend was 13.0 at 94MPH 2165, 44x37 SuperFlows, FK89, 13:1, 48 IDAs, 3.88x0.88 fourth.

Green Oval 2.3L.AVI
First run for this 2332cc for an Oval window beetle 2332 cc engine (84x94) Aluminium CB Performance case, DPR "wedgemate" flyweel and crankshaft , CB Performance 5600 rods, A/A Racing Pistons, ENGLE FK87 camshaft, MAGNUM straight cut gears, SCAT lifters, 044 "Ultra wedge port" CB Performance heads, 44x39 valves, CB 1.4 rockers, JPM Springs, CB Perf oil pump plugged for the BERG Full Flow, EMPI external oil sump and a pair of 48 IDA Webers modified with bigger BERG velocity stacks to finish ... more about this engine on our weblog : http://patvw.skynetblogs.be/tag/2300+greenoval

2332cc VW Bug Dyno Clip
Dad's '62 VW Beetle on the chasis Dyno. Engine was 2332cc, 48IDA's, 11.5 to 1 compression, FK89 cam, Jeff Denham 46x37.5 race heads.

2276cc VW Engine FOR SALE
For Sale Complete 2240-2276 VW engine Low time on engine, at MOST 40hrs. on engine CB Fuel Injecton (or Weber 44) your choice High Flow Heads All the best parts Built by Arao Engineering (http://www.araoengineering.com/) Pauter Crank Pauter Peened Rods Stage III Heads 44 mm intake / 37.25 mm Exhaust 1.4 Ratio Rockers SC89 Camshaft 12-to-1 Compression 009 Distributor Remote Oil Filter Wet sump oil system (conventional) NOT DRY SUMP High Comprression RACE GAS ONLY!!! Above info. based upon phone conversation with Russ @ Arao Engineering, build sheet for engine was lost! Currently in four seat chassis, upgrading to 3.5 Honda. REALLY FAST CAR with the VW! Arao Enginering Suggests replacement cost at $5500-$6000 Used suggested price $4000-$4500 without CB Performance Injection $3500.00 OR BEST OFFER

Projet 58 Dyno 11 2012
First Dynotest for this 58 beetle with a 1915 cc engine with a result of 136 HP without belt (and 120 HP with the belt ) this "Test and Tune" on the Dyno did not increase the maximum power but lot of power was recovered at all RPM ... 1915 cc "Street" engine : Machined magnesium VW case, DPR counterweighted crankshaft - 8 dowels and lightened flywheel, originals revised rods, 94 A/A Racing Pistons, FK43 camshaft, CB 1.4 lifters, BERG pushrods, 40x35 "Los Panchetos" CB Performance heads, BERG 26mm oil pump and Full Flow, CB external oil sump and a pair of Weber 44 ... More about this car and his engine on our Weblog : http://patvw.skynetblogs.be/tag/projet+58

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