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Muppet Racer Dyno 09-2011.AVI

First Dyno test for the Muppet Racer with its new engine 2276 cc engine (82x94), Original Magnesium case, CB perf Forged crankshaft, FK 89 camshaft, 11,5:1 Compression ratio, 044 cylinder head, 42x37.5 valves, CB 1.4 rockers, Vertex Magneto and a pair of 48 IDA Webers with 44 venturi First test gave 173 HP then it rose to 197 HP after playing with the ignition advance and finding the correct jets Here are 24 HP gain after this "Test and Tune" on the Dyno for the price of a few hours of labor ! More about our Dynotest on our Weblog : http://patvw.skynetblogs.be/Dyno-test/


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EMPI HPMX vs Weber IDF Carburetor Dyno Shoot-Out
EMPI 40 and 44 HPMX Carburetors vs Weber IDF 40 and 44 Carburetors on 1776cc and 2010cc vw engines.

Pat 58 WildVWDragDay 2014
Pat '58 Drag beetle run at WildVWDragDay @ Clastres (FR) June 7-8 2014 Best time of the weekend : 10.84" @ 1/4th mile

Holey Moley back on the dyno 05-2011
Last saturday, Holey Moley was back on the Dyno with its new engine : 2332cc engine with Highroof case and shuffle pin, Ported & polished CB PERFORMANCE Comp Eliminators by Head's Up Performance (R.Crawford), DPR "wedgemated" flyweel and crankshaft , FK89 camshaft, SCAT "Lobe a Lube" lifters, SCAT 5.5 H Beams, AA RACING pistons, Berg 30mm oil pump + Full Flow, KENNEDY Stage 2 clutch, Chevy K-MOTION springs, 1.5 PAUTER rockers, BERG pushrods, IDA 51.5 JAYCEE carbs, BERG velocity stacks, JAYCEE linkage + Fuel pump Block-off + Billet breather stand Unfortunately, a clutch problem limited the hp to 210 hp this saturday ...

setting timing on vw engine
setting timing on vw promod n/a motor.

Pat 58 vs Corrado 10.61 Bitburg Outside-Inside
Pat '58 Bug vs VW Corrado 10.61 at 1/4th mile @ Bitburg, Germany, June 1 2014 Outside-Inside run video

2332cc VW Bug Dyno Clip
Dad's '62 VW Beetle on the chasis Dyno. Engine was 2332cc, 48IDA's, 11.5 to 1 compression, FK89 cam, Jeff Denham 46x37.5 race heads.

VW T1 Bulli Boschbus Renndienst, Race Engine Barndoor HD
---| Current bad news: http://www.andreas-lerch.com |--- - www.bulli.at - VW T1 Boschbus, Bulli, Typ4, Type 22, Baujahr 1966 Details: 13-er Fensterbus mit Faltdach, Mitteldurchgang und Schiebetür, Safarifenster, 2 Einzelsitze vorne, 2 Dreiersitzbänke hinten, original Samba Kunstlederverkleidungsoptik, 3-färbige Boschlackierung mit Airbrush. Motor: Typ4, 2800ccm, 84mm Scat-Kurbelwelle, 5.5 Scat-H-Pleuel, 103mm J&E-Kolben/Zylinder, modifizierte VW-Köpfe, Einlass-Ventile 47mm, Auslass-Ventile 39mm, natriumgekühlt, 324° Schleicher-Nockenwelle, 48IDF-Doppelvergaser, 009 Zündverteiler mit VW-Transistorzündung, modifizierte Ahrendorpedelstahl-Auspuffanlage mit Bola-Topf, Porschegebläsesystem um 16mm verbreitert und strömungsgünstig bearbeitet. Getriebe: Kennbuchstabe AH, 3. und 4. Gangradpaar grobverzahnt und verschweißt, 3. 1,26; 4. 0,82; Kegel-Tellerrand: 4,125 mit Superdiff. Fahrwerk, original Vorderachse mit Rasterplatten und Tieferlegungsachsschenkel, hinten Käfer-Schräglenker, Scheibenbremsen vorne und hinten mit 4,5 & 5,5er Porsche-Fuchsfelgen 185/55/15 & 195/55/15

Cox 1700 Turbo, 1er test run
Premier test run de ma cox 1700 turbo. Les sensations sont bonnes et les perspectives encouragentes apres la mise au point à venir.

2332 beetle VW 170hp accelerates 0-100
Just got the car off the Dyno. 170hp at 5250rpm. 2 short blasts up to 100km/h. Clutch cant handle a standing start. Home built and home ported heads.

nasty 66 sedan
here is my nasty 2109cc motor i just built.its in my slammed 66 beetle 94mm x 76mm=2109 fk-89 cam 5.5'' rods 1.25 to 1 ratio rockers 11 to 1 compression 42x37.5 big valves w/ high rev springs dual spanish webers

Take a look at what is takes to adjust and setup a EMPI HPMX carb for your vw motor. Recommended for owners of aircooled vw beetles, Dune Buggy and Baja cars.

Projet 58 Dyno 11 2012
First Dynotest for this 58 beetle with a 1915 cc engine with a result of 136 HP without belt (and 120 HP with the belt ) this "Test and Tune" on the Dyno did not increase the maximum power but lot of power was recovered at all RPM ... 1915 cc "Street" engine : Machined magnesium VW case, DPR counterweighted crankshaft - 8 dowels and lightened flywheel, originals revised rods, 94 A/A Racing Pistons, FK43 camshaft, CB 1.4 lifters, BERG pushrods, 40x35 "Los Panchetos" CB Performance heads, BERG 26mm oil pump and Full Flow, CB external oil sump and a pair of Weber 44 ... More about this car and his engine on our Weblog : http://patvw.skynetblogs.be/tag/projet+58

2109cc VW a little talk about the engine
2109cc VW, a little about the engine AS41 case. 10mm chromoly head studs 76mmX94mm CB crank, AA SlipperSkirt B pistons, total seal rings .85 deck. 12lb lightend flywheel. CB unitech rods 5.5". 044 heads, flycut to 42cc, 40x35.5 valves, ho-rev single springs, CNC ported by bug patch 168cfm@.500lift, unshrouded valves, 3angle valve job. port matched IDF manifolds. 44IDF's 32mm vents, 55 idles, 200airs,165mains F11 emulsion tubes, 6" velocity stacks. CB's 28mm ultrlight lifters. (75grams Vs 105grams stock and 95grams perf lifters) racing pushrod tubes. Chromoly pushrods. (10grams lighter than steel in the same length) 1.4 CB rockers with lashcaps. works out to 1.45 to 1 ratio FK42 cam strait up witch is like 3deg adv. CB straight cut gears. CB power pully. 1-5/8 tri-mil Exhaust with flowmaster. 009 dist Bosh blue coil compu fire points, bosche 6500rpm Rev Limiter. 12deg idle and 28deg full adv. external oil cooler. CB maxi 2 pump fully balanced. (pistons and rods weigh the same, crank and flywheel balanced)

1983 Beetle and Golf CRASH TEST

Hooligan For Sale Top Fueler on 70% Nitro Startup Cackle
You should see this car on 80%, we fired it here for a big Cruise-In Crowd just to burn away some nitro we had in jugs. The car is for sale & I'm asking 39k. It was restored to 1966 specs so it's not able to race under today's rules. Please email questions to me at oilcooler@aol.com We have more fun than should be allowed talking it to races & shows & firing it up for the crowds. We've learned we can command an easy 80.00 to show & fire the car for three minutes. The car will win any show, everything on it is show polished, even the block & heads look like a deep black marble. Chrome Bell Housing & rear end too! Features: Polished BlowerShop 6-71 with billet Ends & drive, Comp Cam & kit, Stainless Valves, Venolia Pistons, Brooks Rods, Crank by Gable, Vertex Magneto, Enderle injection & pump, everythging new. Al Berglar polished fuel tank & aluminum body. 1966 Logghe Chassis. I believe this particular Hemi to be the sharpest in the world & the whole car to be one of the sharpest ever too. Please see my other videos for a great look at the car in daylight. On 80% this car is a Flaming Thunderstorm!!!

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