Capri at Shannonville Raceway

Jeff Lantz participates in a VARAC Vintage Race at Shannonville Raceway in 2011. His car is a 1973 Ford Capri, ex rally car with a V6.

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1973 Ford Capri Lunch Time Restoration
My first attempt at a slide show. Pics from the last three years as we restore/rebuild a 1973 Ford Capri MK1 on our lunch hour(s) at the Eastwood Company. Many new products were developed and tested on this car. Hope to have it in paint Summer of 2014

Opel Manta vs. Ford Capri - Special Extended 16:9 Version!
wem das 16:9 bild nicht in den kram passt, schaut die ursprüngliche 4:3 TV Version unten an, hilfe^^-.-' leute gibts..

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