Supercharged Lincoln Mark VIII Solo (First run 12-11-11)

First Run 12-11-11. You can only video from the starting line early in the day due to the Sun.

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Supercharged Lincoln Mark VIII dyno tuned by Lonnie of Blue Oval Chips
95 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC with custom SC Trim, Long Tube Headers, 10 lbs Boost.... Tuned at Blue Oval Chips of Indianapolis, IN.

Supercharged Lincoln Mark VIII Vs Mercedes AMG
This is my run. It was missing a little so I was looking at the gauges and got caught sleeping at the line. Made it up though.

600hp Lincoln Mark VIII vs 600 hp Mustang GT [Kenne Bell vs Vortech]
Terminator powered 96 Mustang GT with 2.2 KB vs 98 Mark VIII LSC with Vortech s-trim .93 pump gas street tune ,drove 180 miles to the track and back.

Supercharged Lincoln Mark VIII fly by
Customer taking his Mark VIII out for the first time after numerous upgrades were performed on it here at Blue Oval Chips. Custom ProCharger install, 10 lbs Boost and all the needed support equipment and parts plust extras....