Audi 90 quattro S2 ABY

Vid of my training car for the last winter-season. not much time wastet for edit, because its just a kind of trailer. more to come... Base-car is a Audi 90 quattro 20V ( 1988 B3 ) engine is S2 ABY I5 20V turbo roll cage, Sparco Seats, 6-point harness, hydraulic handbrake, OMP dished steering wheel... sounds like fun, doesn´t it? :)

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Zapomniane i niechciane...
O samochodach zapomnianych... o ktorych powoli zapominamy... Nie pozwólmy na to... Nie dajmy ich na złom... na śmierć... One przecież też czują!

just having fun in this vid 93octane pump gas 20 psi 512WHP or 640hp on a motor ;D with c16 and 30psi car made 650+whp

570HP Audi Sport Quattro launch!
Audi S/RS meeting De Meern.

Audi S2 @ 2-2,2 bar 100-200 km/h awesome acceleration
Ganz befriedigende Beschleunigung von Audi S2. 1994 Coupe Quattro mit 20V turbo ABY Motor, 2,4L Hubraum.