Aaltonen transport

A video of Aaltonen boat transport with their new truck . Produced by N.Bomers bekijk voor meer filmpjes mijn account. Een aanrader is de nieuwe Scania R730 van Michael Kramer zie hiernaast of mijn account!!! Abonneren is ook een aanrader u weet dan meteen wanneer ik een van mijn nieuwe filmpjes heb geüpload. Gr. N.Bomers

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Scania R620
Scania R620 6x2 trekker met oplegger haalt containerwagen en minigraver op in België.

Scania R560 8x2 \ 8 / Aaltonen Special
Scania R560 Från L Pehrson Invest AB, bilder och klipp på bilen förr och hur den ser ut idag. Scania R560 From L Pehrson Invest AB, images and clips on the truck before and how it looks today

XTAR Mika Auvinen - Mercedes Benz The New Actros Super Show Truck
A legend in Building Super Show trucks - Mika Auvinen - made a new Working truck. A truck which represents the future should have the motive that backs it up. That's why the motive is from the Space and the details are inspired by visions that lead the universe forward. The building team was already common with each other with Antti Nyman and Pekka Alanko accompanied by Mjölby Billackering, Hio-Mex Stainless Steel and Verhoomo Prima interior. 2012 Mercedes released the New Actros and right away it was noticed through Europe by Truck Of The Year prize. Spesific Mercedes Benz personnel from Finland, Sweden and Germany earns a personal thank you for how they participated in the project and treated as it was their child too. I've never seen anything from other brands, so hats of for Finnish MB, Swedish MB and German management. I'm just a talker, the real Workers earns the Thank you for this beutiful truck: Paint Design Fredrik, Painters: Daniel and Terje; Lights, Interior and Team Management: Antti Nyman and Pekka Alanko; Stainless Steel Hio-Mex Tero Sassi and all who could help him; Nordic Tank; Interior: Verhoomo Prima Lasse. Plus Thank yous for all the others that were involved in building this truck. And special thanks to all the Wives and Girlfriends and families that they stay beside although their men have been making extra hours with magnificient super show trucks sometimes when they should be at home. Greetings by, Teddy PS. This note was only from me and no other organization or level of formal communication have influenced this letter. The official statements are made by others.

Scania R 730 | Review | Truck TV Australia
Matt Wood finds out how Scania R 730 models are hauling harvest for Esperance Freight Lines. As part of the best transport and logistics coverage in the country, Truck TV Australia is the video home for TradeTrucks (Deals on Wheels), Australasian Transport News and Owner//Driver. Here you will find hard-hitting coverage of the news and issues that impact the industry; profiles of the characters and companies that contribute to its world-class reputation; and the best technical updates, truck and van tests. TradeTrucks Website | http://www.tradetrucks.com.au/ Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/TradetrucksAU Twitter | https://twitter.com/TradeTrucksAU Subscribe to receive the weekly newsletter | https://pages.s7.exacttarget.com/page... Subscribe to Deals on Wheels magazine | http://www.tradetrucks.com.au/subscribe/ Australasian Transport News Website | http://www.fullyloaded.com.au/ Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/austtranspor... Twitter | https://twitter.com/atnmag Subscribe to Australasian Transport News magazine | http://www.fullyloaded.com.au/subscribe/ Owner//Driver Website | http://www.ownerdriver.com.au/ Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/ownerdriver Twitter | https://twitter.com/ownerdriver Subscribe to Owner//Driver magazine | http://www.ownerdriver.com.au/subscribe/