r6 Turn signals 2 wire to 3 wire

Final outcome of mod Right side: Resistor/Diode Left side: Relay

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2013 R6 flush mount turn signals install.
via YouTube Capture

R6 Flush mount signal install
Installation of flush mount turn signals RAW GADGETS

Electronic Turn Signal Blinker Flasher Relay
Electronic Turn Signal Blinker Flasher Relay works for both LED and filament bulbs. Constant blinking speed regardless number of bulbs in the system. Perfect replacement for load-resistor type old blinker relay.

2014 Yamaha R6 DIY: Install Passenger Peg LEDS
Motodynamics Intergrated Taillight with Sequential Turn Signals: Approx. $78 http://www.motodynamic.com/yamaha/led-tail-lights/yzf-r6-r6s.html Passenger Peg LED's: Approx $56 http://www.mysportbikemods.com/products/passenger-peg-blinkers/ Tools Needed: -Wire Strippers/Cutters -Cutting Pliers -Electric Tape NOTE: YOU CAN TRIM THE WIRES A LITTLE SHORTER LIKE I DID FOR A CLEANER SETUP. I will be showing you guys how to install passenger peg LED's into a 2014 Yamaha R6. I'm sure this installation process can work for any other bike since the wiring is pretty much the same, just slightly different on the signals colors for certain manufacturers.