My Civic EK/EJ J32a2 V6 swap update

its been 4 months now since November 27, 2011. My car has some upgrades, and etc. still running strong and no issue thus far. still a blast to drive! i love all types of cars, so i am a Car enthusiast. :D future mods: -Complete custom turbo -AEM standalone ECU -racing seats My build thread "lots of pictures and wiring diagram for free by me!!"

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Master Le Cosplays: J.A.R.V.I.S system intergrated in to car alarm EJ6 Civic 3.2 Turbo
just another random video of my civic updated and integrated J.A.R.V.I.S system into my car alarm. This is my hobby and my money pit lol. enjoy. my honda civic 3.2 turbo GT35R 350WHP and 310WTRQ @ 3PSI upgrades to come -New bigger turbo "turbonectics" -AEM EMS V2 ECU -Engine wire tuck retune at 10 PSI

My Civic EK/EJ J32a2 V6 swap
this is my car with V6 J32A2 motor. this is mydaily and i love this thing! i have done all the wiring and swap myself. My screen name is EJ32A and i alot of info and wiring is revealed. enjoy

Master Le Cosplays: Iron man Mark 39 Helmet action
upgraded newer electronics and servos. faster motion and smoother open and close system.

Master Le Cosplays: Channel Trailer
intro to my channel. better trailer will be made later. this is temporary for now. www.MasterLe.Org